dreadtech services

Development, hosting and monitoring

From web hosting for as little as £5 a month, to large scale intranet and extranet development.

Our developers have experience with a wide range of technologies in both the public and private sector organisations. Some of the skills we can offer:

  • PHP - advanced server side scripting
  • Development - C, C++, Objective-C, QT, perl, shell, Javascript, Tcl and more. Contact us for more information.
  • SQL - experience and expertise with a wide variety of SQL server systems
  • Content Management - custom content managed systems for intranet/extranet applications
  • Networking - we can advise and assist with all types of networking queries from small LANs to Enterprise networks, VPNs and leased-lines. We also have a custom BSD firewall product that can cope with the largest demands.
  • Training - documentation and training are provided for all of our solutions.

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